Company formation in Ireland

General Information about Company Formation in Ireland

Ireland is a member of the European Union. Ireland has made the various media in recent months because it offers very favorable terms to large multinational companies such as Google and Apple who know very well take advantage of complex tax schemes as the Double Irish. (please contact one of our advisors for more détails)

An Irish company can be used as a seat in Europe or as a trading company as well.

The tax rate on companies in Ireland is 12.5%

The shape of the most used company in Ireland by foreign entrepreneurs is the “Private Company Limited by Shares”. Pte Ltd “. This is the equivalent of a limited company.

For this type of company one shareholder is sufficient whether physical or company.

The minimum share capital is € 1 (if only one shareholder) and € 2 or more if there are two or more shareholders.

100% of the shares may be held by a non-résident.

Obligation: 2 Directors: 1 of which must be European residents. If the director is not resident in the EEA, a guarantee (Bond), non-refundable, to € 1,957.50 to be paid. This warranty runs for two years and then must be renewed. Tax residents of the European Union do not have to pay the guarantee.

Anonymity will be possible through our services Nominee Director and Nominée Shareholder.

Regarding income tax it will be 12.5%

Taxes on dividends will be 0%

Ireland does not apply withholding tax (withholding tax) in Europe or the countries that have signed a treaty, dividends can therefore freely back to shareholders.

In terms of accounting will be required to maintain accounts and publish your accounts each year.

The main activities that you can take with a company formation in Ireland:





“Detention of real estate property”

“Detention and exploitation of IP”

“Organizing Your Estate”


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