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We are specialists in offshore and onshore companies formation and bank account opening in top jurisdictions.

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Swiss Global Corporate Services Sàrl is a Swiss consulting company specialized in tax planning/optimization and company formation. We have 20 years of experience in the field. We are specialized in corporate law.

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Through our large international network of partners we can setup your company within days and at competitive costs keeping an excellent quality of service.

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We have a network of international banks all around the world that will allow you to have a bank account in a recognized institution with all the usual services.

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Company Formation In Dubai

  • You do not have to pay taxes on your profits.
  • Regarding the accounting, although it is important to keep it, you have no obligation to declare it for all your activities carried out outside the UAE.
  • After setting up your company in Dubai, the dividends paid to each shareholder at the end of the year are not taxed.
  • Several offshore company licenses allow you to be exempt from VAT. are treating business with profitability

Company formation in Montenegro

  • In terms of taxation in Montenegro, the corporate income tax in Montenegro will be 9%.
  • VAT in Montenegro is 19%, but note that in some cases reduced rates of 7% and 0% may be applied to certain products.
  • As regards the withholding taxes on dividends, interest, they will amount to 9% in Montenegro.
  • The only case where this will not be applied is in the case of double taxation agreements

Company formation in Malta

  • Shareholders and directors may be from anywhere in the world without distinction
  • A resident Company secretary is mandatory. (We provide you)
  • The headquarters must of course be located in Malta. (We provide you)
  • The minimum share capital is € 1,165 fully paid.

Company formation in Hong Kong

  • Time to setup an offshore company in Hong kong: 1-2 days.
  • Shelf company is available.
  • Accounting is mandatory
  • Nominee Shareholder and Director are possible.

Company formation in Ireland

  • An Irish company can be used as a seat in Europe or as a trading company as well.
  • The tax rate on companies in Ireland is 12.5%
  • The minimum share capital is € 1 (if only one shareholder) and € 2 or more if there are two or more shareholders.
  • 100% of the shares may be held by a non-résident.

Company formation in Switzerland

  • A director of a Swiss company must be a Swiss resident and personal responsibility is involved.
  • You can take a Nominee Director (administrator) but he must be resident in Switzerland.
  • The income tax in Switzerland is fixed, but it will vary by region / canton or by where you reside in Switzerland.
  • Time to setup an onshore company in Switzerland: 1-2 Weeks.
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