General Information about Company Formation in Montenegro

We create companies in Montenegro, we create limited liability companies. This type of company is the most common because it requires that a shareholder and a director.

A board of directors may also be established if necessary.

The shareholders of such companies may be natural or legal persons.

No minimum capital is required, by against a bank account must be opened to record the undertaking.

Shareholders are liable for the obligations and liabilities of the company at the height of their contribution share.

Taxation in Montenegro:

In terms of taxation in Montenegro, the corporate income tax in Montenegro will be 9%.

VAT in Montenegro is 19%, but note that in some cases reduced rates of 7% and 0% may be applied to certain products.

As regards the withholding taxes on dividends, interest, they will amount to 9% in Montenegro.

The only case where this will not be applied is in the case of double taxation agreements

company formation Montenegro

The main activities that you can take with a company formation in Montenegro:

[info_list style=”circle no_bg” font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_title=”Entrepreneurship” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”E-Commerce” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[info_list font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_title=”Import-Export” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Consulting” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[info_list font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_title=”Detention and exploitation of IP” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Detention of real estate property” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[info_list font_size_icon=”24″][info_list_item list_title=”Brokerage” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Organizing Your Estate” list_icon=”Defaults-briefcase”]