Swiss Global Corporate Services Sàrl is a Swiss consulting company specialized in tax planning/optimization and company formation. We have 20 years of experience in the field. We are specialized in corporate law.

We do not offer online payment on our web site. The reason is confidentiality and data security.

We also prefer to speak/meet our clients, the added value is the advice, we are a consulting firm, not an e-commerce.

Swiss Global Corporate Services is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Company is registered in the Geneva Commercial Register under Nr. CHE-487276339.

Here are the different services that we offer:

We will propose you the most suitable structure for your business, keeping in mind your needs and country of residence. We will consider your personal profile and your expectations, all our propositions will be of course in accordance with the local regulations. Once your company is founded, we will remain of course at your disposal for any questions or requests you may have.

We set up companies in many offshore and onshore jurisdictions where the tax will be low or non existent. We take care of all administrative aspects of your company formation. We will do everything by correspondance.

We have reliable banking partners everywhere in the world. We will propose you a reliable bank that fits your unique profile and needs. You will of course have access to all the usual banking services such as:

• multi-currency bank account,

• internet banking,

• credit cards, debit cards

We can take care of all the administrative aspects of your company.

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