Open offshore bank account

Here are the countries where we can open a bank account for you:

Mauritius Ras Al-KhaïmahHong Kong
Seychelles DubaiScotland
United KingdomSwitzerlandLatvia

Offshore Bank Account

The only case where a bank might not be necessary is if you build a holding company, in all the other cases you will need a bank account.

We work with many international banks all around the world, that will allow you to have a bank account in a recognized institution in total confidence.

We can open you a bank account in the same jurisdiction as the company but as well others jurisdictions are possible, we will simply list the most convinient one.

Please feel free to discuss with one of our advisors should you require any additional information or specific request.

What are the banking services available?

Multi-Currency Accounts

Credit card

L / C (Letter of Credit)

Internet Banking

Note that with offshore companies, it is difficult to get lines of credit, loans, unless you receive or deposit guarantees within the same bank to be used as collateral, this is like with any other bank in the world.

An offshore company can open a bank account in any country.

Usually an offshore company can open a bank account in any country in the world, with the recent changes we would suggest you to contact one of our advisors to select the most suitable jurisdiction to open your offshore company bank account. Your advisor will list you the most suitable jurisdictions corresponding to your businesses and according to your personal situation.

What documents will be required to open an offshore bank account?

We will need at least a certified and/or notarized passport copy of all company registrants and a recent proof of residence not older than 3 months. Some specific jurisdictions might also require a banking reference.

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