Offshore company formation in Dubai

Offshore company formation in Dubai

Setting up an offshore company in Dubai gives you more leeway for expanding your business internationally and keeping your accounts.

Experts in the creation of offshore companies. We put our experience at your service.

  • Develop your business around the world by taking advantage of the facilities offered by Dubai. The emirate of Dubai provides entrepreneurs with a light legal and tax framework, perfect for multiple sectors of activity.

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Offshore company in Dubai: set up your activities in a flourishing economic environment

Our offshore company formation services allow you to set up your business in a jurisdiction full of opportunities. The second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is certainly the best known of all.

After opening its territory to massive foreign investment in the early 2000s, the country saw its economy make a remarkable leap forward. By inviting entrepreneurs from all walks of life to invest in Dubai, one of the objectives of the Emirati government was to diversify the economic fabric of the emirate, with a view to breaking with the ultra-dependence on oil and gas. Twenty years later, the economic growth observed seems to be on a par with projections.

Having become a true flagship of the UAE, politically stable, the emirate has seen sectors such as real estate, trade, hotels and tourism develop at lightning speed. To open a business in the Emirates, Dubai is certainly a perfect destination, thanks to a favorable socio-economic context for entrepreneurs from various sectors.

Our services for the creation of your offshore company in Dubai

As one of the states that attract the most foreign investment, Dubai offers you an excellent legal and fiscal framework to boost your international activities. Our teams are made up of chartered accountants and lawyers, who have precise knowledge of Emirati legislation and the rules for setting up a business in Dubai.

Choosing the status of your business in Dubai

We support you in the choice of the legal status adapted to your activity. Our advisers study with you your project of opening an offshore company. They help you determine whether you need a company with physical premises and a resident representative in Dubai, or whether it would be better for you to opt for one of the many forms of company with a non-resident shareholder.

Checking the validity of the company name

Once the status of your company is defined, we verify that no existing company has the name you have chosen. This check can also be performed before setting the status.

You then send various documents (proof of identity, company statutes bearing your signature, etc.), which we check before proceeding to the registration phase of your company in Dubai. Registration, evidenced by a registration certificate, allows you to obtain a license for your offshore company, officially authorizing it to operate under the jurisdiction of the emirate.

Opening a bank account in Dubai

The process ends with the creation of an offshore bank account, linked to your company identity. We help you open a bank account in Dubai with the best banks in the country, to facilitate the receipt of payments from your customers or the settlement of your suppliers.

Offshore Company License Renewal

Present by your side for the smooth running of your activities, we also support you each year for the renewal of your offshore company license in Dubai. This is essential for your business to maintain a legal existence in this jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates.

During the steps requiring a transfer of funds, we give you the necessary guidance, which varies according to the legal form of your company.

Opening a business in Dubai: what are the advantages?

When you decide to open a business in the Emirates specifically targeting Dubai, you benefit from the most flexible taxation.

1. You do not have to pay taxes on your profits.
2. Regarding the accounting, although it is important to keep it, you have no obligation to declare it for all your activities carried out outside the UAE.
3. After setting up your company in Dubai, the dividends paid to each shareholder at the end of the year are not taxed.
4. Several offshore company licenses allow you to be exempt from VAT.

Over the past few years, many wealthy individuals and multinationals have come to invest in Dubai. This influx is partly explained by the political stability and the solidity of the economy of the emirate, two factors which have made it a financial and commercial center of choice. As a result, Dubai shows an excellent position in the rankings of the best countries to target for investment, including the rankings offered by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The assistance we provide you with the registration of your company in Dubai therefore contributes to improving your brand image.

Legal statutes for an offshore company in Dubai

Your business in Dubai has the option of taking offshore company status, which does not require you to own physical premises. It may also have premises on site, in one of the free zones of the emirate. Dubai has several free zones, the most important of which are that of the airport (DAFZA), that of Jebel Ali (JAFZA) and that of the Dubai multi commodities center (DMCC). Each of these free zones gives you access to various advantages, and meets different standards (minimum capital, number of shareholders, etc.).

The choice of one status or another depends on the nature of your activities. Most activities are allowed to offshore companies in Dubai. Only oil or gas exploitation companies and foreign banks cannot set up as an offshore company in Dubai. Your company is thus free to carry out import-export activities or another commercial activity. It can also offer services or consulting (graphic design, computer programming, training, etc.). We help you choose the ideal status for your activity, depending on the budget you want to devote to your relocation to Dubai.

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“Detention of real estate property”

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