Offshore Company Formation in Saint-Lucia

General Information about Offshore Company Formation in St. Lucia (Saint-Lucia)

St. Lucia offers a high level of confidentiality which guarantees anonymity and respect of the privacy.

In St. Lucia, an offshore company IBC is exempt from any taxes as long as it has no local activity.

There is no tax on income generated outside of Saint Lucia.

The directors and shareholders can be corporations.

No information is published.

Offshore Company Formation in Saint Lucia – Obligations:

There is no obligation of accounting or audit.

Saint Lucia is a small island state in the Caribbean. St. Lucia is located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea. St. Lucia is part of the Windward Islands, it is located between the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados. The area of Saint Lucia is about 620 km2.The capital is Castries.

1. Time to set up offshore company in St. Lucia (Saint-Lucia): 1 day.

2. Shelf company available.

3. No accounting.

4. Nominee Shareholder possible.

5. Nominee Director possible.

“Published information” – No information published

“Accounting”  – No accounting records

“Taxes” – No tax

“Number of Directors / Shareholders” –  Minimum 1 Director and 1 Shareholder

“Confidentiality” –  Confidentiality is guaranteed

“Law:” – Common law

“Capital requirements” –  No capital requirement

“Bearer Shares:” –  Bearer Shares Permitted

The main activities that you can take with an offshore company formation in St. Lucia (Saint-Lucia):





“Detention of real estate property”

“Detention and exploitation of IP”

“Organizing Your Estate”


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