Company formation in Malta

General Information about Company Formation in Malta

We create companies in Malta, which today is a country of the European Union.


This type of company International Holding Company (for holdings) or the Company Limited for the provision of services and trade.

You can also optimize your tax using the system of Maltese dual. (Please consult one of our advisors for this type of installation)

In terms of the tax Income tax will be 35% for commercial companies.

There are some tax credit systems in particular for holding companies bringing the maximum effective rate of 11.67% or 5% in general (Maltese double).

VAT will be 18%

Shareholders and directors may be from anywhere in the world without distinction
A resident Company secretary is mandatory. (We provide you)

The headquarters must of course be located in Malta. (We provide you)

The minimum share capital is € 1,165 fully paid.

The bank account will multicurrency with internet banking.

There will be records to be kept and financial statements to file.

Contrary to what some providers advertise you on entering the European Union, Malta has had to give up its historic offshore sector and stop welcome exempt non-resident companies from taxes.

However, the island still offers real benefits, the company’s creation in Malta gives access to European directives on free movement and free trade.

Thus, the effective tax rate on companies in Malta can go down to 5%. (Maltese Double)

However, this is a complex mechanism, combining a nominal rate of 35%, the rate at which the tax must be actually paid and a refund mechanism, which allows to recover a large share six months later.

Also Malta also offers flexible enough residence scheme, the actual presence of conditions on the island for six months are not required to become eligible.

The main activities that you can take with an company formation in Malta:





“Detention of real estate property”

“Detention and exploitation of IP”

“Organizing Your Estate”


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