Advantages of a Maltese company

Malta offers several tax benefits for people and businesses relocating to the island. Here are a few:

Attractive corporate tax: Malta has a corporate tax rate of 35%, but much of this tax is returned to shareholders in the form of dividends. Ultimately, this means that the effective corporate tax can be as low as 5%.

Double Taxation Treaties: Malta has signed double taxation treaties with over 70 countries, meaning businesses can avoid paying tax on profits twice.
Tax credits: Malta also offers tax credits for companies investing in specific sectors such as information technology, life sciences and aviation.

Tax benefits for individuals: Malta also offers tax benefits for individuals, including an exemption from capital gains tax for residents who sell their home after three years of ownership.

No inheritance tax: Malta does not levy inheritance tax on assets located abroad for non-residents.

However, it is important to note that Malta tax benefits may be subject to certain conditions and restrictions. It is therefore important to consult a tax advisor or lawyer before making important tax decisions.

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