Holland company advantages

Holland (or the Netherlands) offers several advantages for businesses, including:

Favorable taxation: Holland has a favorable tax regime for businesses. For example, the corporate tax rate is relatively low compared to other European Union countries, and there are tax credits for research and development, as well as tax deductions for investments .

“Participation Exemption” Status: The Netherlands offers a participation exempt regime, which allows companies to exempt from tax profits made on shareholdings they hold in other companies.

Strategic geographic location: The Netherlands is located in the center of Europe, making it a hub for international trade. The country is also well connected to the rest of Europe thanks to its excellent transport network.

Modern Infrastructure: The Netherlands is known for having high-quality infrastructure, with modern and efficient ports, airports, rail and road networks.

Skilled Workforce: Holland is known for having a highly skilled and multilingual workforce, which facilitates international operations for businesses.

Good quality of life: The Netherlands is also known for its high quality of life, with a vibrant culture, beautiful nature and a quality healthcare system.
In summary, the advantages of a company in the Netherlands include advantageous taxation, an exempt participation regime, a strategic geographical location, modern infrastructure, a qualified workforce and a good quality of life.

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