Offshore company setup: accessible to everyone?

For many people, only very wealthy businessmen can afford an offshore company. In most cases, they actually represent the largest percentage of offshore company owners. This does not mean that they are the only ones who can open them. Setting up an offshore company is far easier than you might think.

The big cost is a myth

Many people would like to take advantage of the advantages of an offshore company, but they are afraid to start the basic steps. Reason: it costs the eyes of the head! There is no doubt that the creation of an offshore company is somewhat expensive, but it is a far cry from the fortunes that some people imagine. With a reasonable cost, apart from the costs of a tax lawyer, it is quite possible to open it. It is precisely to the latter that it will be necessary to allocate a good part of the budget. This very important advice and assistance is relatively expensive. Depending on the needs and abilities of the individual, he will tell him when which country it is desirable to open his business and the procedure to follow. Needless to mention that the amount to be spent will be even a little more important if he has to take care of all the steps.

Offshore company creation, the essential expenses

The cost of the operation depends on the structure that you want to put in place. The simpler it is, the less expensive the operation will be. If it is a basic structure, we can even possibly do without the tax lawyer. Although possible, it is an extreme that it is however advisable to avoid. The lawyer helps to take into consideration all aspects, including those that you would not have paid attention to yourself. Speaking of the actual expenses, at the top of the list are those related to opening the business itself. Then come those related to opening a bank account for the company. To this must be added the annual maintenance costs, as well as those of the Nominee.

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